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    Test your knowledge of American political conventions:

    1. In the mid-nineteenth century, which city hosted the overwhelming majority of presidential nominating conventions?
A- Washington, D.C.
B- Baltimore
C- Philadelphia
D- Boston

    2. Which third-party held the first presidential nominating convention in American history?
A- Free-Soil
B- Know-Nothings
C- Liberal
D- Anti-Mason

    3. What Democrat declined Abraham Lincoln's offer to be his vice presidential running mate in 1864?
A- Daniel Dickinson
B- Stephen Douglas
C- Benjamin F. Butler
D- Hannibal Hamlin

    4. Who was the aged founding father and signer of the Declaration of Independence who was invited by all of the political parties to attend their presidential nominating conventions in the campaign of 1832?
A- John Adams
B- Benjamin Franklin
C- Thomas Jefferson
D- Charles Carroll of Carrollton

    5. What reluctant nominee was known as "The Great Decliner," but did agree to accept his party's presidential nomination?
A- Horace Greeley
B- Horatio Seymour
C- Winfield Scott
D- Zachary Taylor

    6. What did the term "ruckerize" come to mean after being coined as a result of a mid-nineteenth century convention?
A- Assuming a position without authority
B- A dirty trick played on another candidate
C- Getting no votes for the nomination
D- Winning the nomination by an overwhelming vote

    7. Which city hosted the first major party presidential nominating convention to be held outside of the east coast?
A- Pittsburgh
B- Chicago
C- St. Louis
D- Cincinnati

    8. After unexpectedly losing his party's nomination at a convention, what nineteenth-century politician said of his campaign managers, "My friends are not worth the powder and shot it would take to kill them!"
A- Henry Clay
B- Stephen Douglas
C- John Tyler
D- Daniel Webster

    9. Why was the building in Chicago that hosted the 1864 Republican convention known as the Wigwam?
A- Because it was built by American Indian laborers
B- Because it had replicas of teepees in its lobby
C- Because the chiefs of the party would be meeting there
D- Because it was built on an American Indian burial site

    10. Who was the first person to reject a nomination by a convention for the presidency or vice presidency?
A- Silas Wright
B- Salmon Chase
C- Benjamin Fitzpatrick
D- George Dallas