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Publisher: McFarland & Company, Inc.

Publication Date: May 2, 2012

Length: 276 pages, with 46 photographs and illustrations

ISBN: 978-0-7864-6892-8

Publisher's List Price: $55

Chapter Titles:
 1. From Caucuses to Conventions
 2. The Monumental City
 3. 1832: Please Join Us, Mr. Carroll
 4. 1836: Hey Buddy, Wanna Be a Delegate?
 5. 1840: Keep the Ball Rolling
 6. 1844: Texas Two-Step
 7. 1848: New York, New York
 8. 1852: Frank and Fuss and Feathers
 9. 1856: New and Old: Parties in Transition
 10. 1860: Two-Act Tragedy
 11. 1864: Keeping the Same Horse
 12. 1868: Let Us Have Peace
 13. 1872: Strange Bedfellows
 14. Conclusion
          The First American Political Conventions analyzes the birth of the convention process in the 1830s and follows its development over forty years, chronicling each of the presidential elections from 1832 to 1872, including campaigns that involved the giants of the era, Andrew Jackson, Henry Clay, and Abraham Lincoln.  For each election, the leading candidates, key issues, and memorable speeches and events that occurred at the conventions are explored.  The book also analyzes deal-making, "dark horse" candidacies, the convention cities and convention halls, along with the parades and hoopla that accompanied the conventions, shedding new light on an American political ritual that is still a focal point of modern presidential elections.